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Cloth Diaper Lingo

Pocket Diapers, All-In-Ones, Prefolds? At the beginning of my cloth diaper research I had no idea what these cloth diaper terms meant. Here is a little vocabulary lesson to help you as you begin your cloth diapering journey.

– A Pocket Diaper is a cloth diaper that has a waterproof shell made of PUL material with a sewn in “pocket” made of micro-fleece . You stuff the pocket with one or two absorbent inserts to complete the diaper. the micro-fleece wicks the moisture away from your baby’s skin to prevent rashes and keep your baby dry.

PROS: Easy to Use, Most like a disposable diaper, babies skin stays dry longer, was routine is fairly simple and doesn’t take that long to dry.

CONS: Diapers a expensive ranging from around $18-25 per diaper, You have to wash the whole diaper (insert and shell) between each change,and sometimes a little harder to clean

– An All-In-One cloth diaper is similar to the pocket diaper except instead of a pocket to stuff the insert into the insert is sewn right into the diaper.

PROS: Also seem easier to use, Most like a disposable diaper,  diaper seems to clean good.

CONS: Still fairly expensive, You have to wash the whole diaper between each change, you can’t control the amount of absorption by adding more inserts, it takes a very long time to dry, and there is no micro-fleece to wick the moisture away from your baby’s skin.

-A prefold cloth diaper is a flat diaper made of cotton, jersey, hemp, etc. that you fold around your baby to make a diaper. You can secure it with a diaper pin or a snappi and then you put a diaper shell over it.

PROS: The most economical way to cloth diaper, You only need to change the prefold in between each change not the cover also, Messes wash out really well and doesn’t take very long to dry.

CONS: It takes a little bit of time to learn how to fold these diapers properly, doesn’t wick the moisture away from your baby’s skin, diaper is a bulkier fit

Hopefully that helps you in your research!