All Purpose Floor Cleaner

I created this recipe for my vinyl floors. It works very well, makes my room smell fresh and clean, and leaves a streak free shine!

  All Purpose Floor Cleaner:

  • 1 large bucket filled with very hot waterIMG_0957
  • 1 cup of vinegar
  • 6-8 drops of lemon essential oil
  • 3-4 drops of tea tree or lavendar oil
  • 3 tsp. baking soda

Add all the ingredients to the water and mix well. Works really well with a microfiber cloth wrapped around your mop. No rinsing necessary.

For tougher messes you may need to add a little more baking soda. Don’t add more than 1 or 2 tbsp. to a FULL bucket of water or you will have a film left on your floor. 


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Montessori Home School of Hobart is a year round, authentic, in-home Montessori serving children 2 1/2 - 6 years of age. The school is located in Hobart, Indiana.

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